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The DWC is fundraising to help with the cost of renovating and reopening the playground located at the Dudley Town Hall. 

Dudley officials received a recent estimate of $380,000 for a complete refurbish. The town doesn’t have the money to fund the project, so the playground is closed.


Playground renovation grants are available but to qualify, the town must have an up-to-date open space plan. It does not. Town Administrator Ruda projects it’ll be about a year before the town has the money to hire the consultant needed to update the open space plan and then nearly a year before the new plan is finished and adopted.


As a municipality, the town, meaning its officers and officials, cannot participate in fundraising of any sort.

The DWC is working with local businesses and residents to raise the money needed to reopen this playground.

All donations will be restricted and used only for the playground.

Thank you donors!

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